Generous Night, Redeem

Generous Night, Redeem

Generous Night, Redeem has been named 
2019 Album of the Year from Whisperings Solo Piano Radio! 

In the two years since releasing Reflecting Forward, I have shared that music on many stages and in several homes. As I found the courage to reveal myself and be vulnerable, it always proved to be cathartic. I realized that through sharing my stories with so many that the album would do exactly what I needed it to do – break my heart wide open. Connecting with people and hearing their own stories in return has been extraordinarily enriching.

Here’s the next chapter. In Generous Night, Redeem I continue my journey of self-discovery and all that comes with it. I continually remind myself to see and feel everything as I go. It is my belief that we must practice empathy and seek understanding without judgment. Indeed, life is short. The music here reflects memory, truth, love, loss, transformation and letting go. It’s about walking through – not around.

This album is a result of a partnership of two artists. I asked my mother, a published poet, to help create an album that had original music corresponding to an original poem. I gleaned this idea from chef Dominique Crenn, who presents her patrons with a poem instead of a menu at her restaurant, Atelier Crenn, in San Francisco. (see more below)

It was a true collaboration: she wrote words to my music and I wrote new music to her fresh prose. The music and poem (full poem appears below) each stand on their own, and together form a new piece of art entirely. Working creatively with my mom on a unique project such as this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

We invite you, dear listener, on this adventure of memory, time, and deep personal discovery. May your journey be enlightened – always walking the path to better visions. 

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The original poem

Mom’s full poem appears to the right, as well as on the back cover of the album. Each set of lines represent one musical composition, with the titles of each piece appearing in bold.  When I first began writing this music, it was to continue my own journey of self-discovery. I hadn’t thought about the poem idea until I found the idea by watching “Chef’s Table” (see below).  The next morning, I called Mom and was thrilled that she said she was willing to venture into this yet-to-be-formed creative and unique project.  

Among the many wonderful moments along the way, we discovered how each of us work, creatively.  At times, one of us might be waiting for the other to share their material (music or lines of prose) so we could then draw inspiration or find a direction that might coalesce.  Indeed some of the music was already written, so Mom set those pieces to words by listening to them and the emotion behind them.  And then about half-way through the process, she sent me many lines and I read them until something spoke to me.  I would then head to the piano and music would start to form around a cadence or phrase – note that both of those words apply equally to music and poetry – that would then inspire a new piece.  It was a true collaboration.

I am so grateful and, in some ways, in awe that the project was able to stay so personal and true to the original intent of continuing to tell my story; and in the process, it became apparent that these pieces and words and emotions we mused upon are truly about the universal human experience.  We hope it may resonate with many.

I would like to thank my mom, Betti Marvel (Bernardi) for her wonderful wisdom, delightful humor, appropriate stubborness and brilliant writing to help make this project manifest.  It has been such an honor to work on this together.  Thank you for always helping me walk the path to better visions.

Chef Dominique Crenn 
Atelier Crenn

I love Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”.  And in season 2, episode 3 you will be introduced to Dominique Crenn.  I was immediately struck with how she speaks about food and memory, and the importance of that confluence.  I often use memory as inspiration to compose, so this resonated.  This episode is also where I discovered her handing her patrons poems instead of menus at her restaurant.  Brilliant…she now invites the imagination of the mind, not just the pallette. The entire episode (and series) is fantastic and is

She seems an inspired and beautiful soul, and I hope to meet her one day.  We did connect on social media briefly and she was very warm and happy that her story inspired more art.  If you would like to learn more of her story, she is easy to find online. 
Her bio follows. 

Dominique Crenn, the chef-proprietor of three-Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, focuses on cuisine as a craft and the community as an inspiration.

Crenn’s parents had a strong influence on her interest and love for the culinary arts- she began her formal culinary training when she moved to San Francisco in 1988 to work at Stars, under luminaries Jeremiah Tower and Mark Franz.

Crenn was awarded World’s Best Female Chef in 2016 by San Pellegrino’s 50 Best, and in 2019, Atelier Crenn was listed at number 35 on the organization’s list of world’s best restaurants. As an active member of the international culinary community, Crenn promotes innovation, sustainability, and equality, through her collaboration with various panels and summits.