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The all original solo piano album,

From the liner notes:

In the two years since releasing Reflecting Forward, I have shared that music on many stages and in several homes.  As I found the courage to reveal myself and be vulnerable, it always proved to be cathartic. I realized that through sharing my stories with so many that the album would do exactly what I needed it to do – break my heart wide open. Connecting with people and hearing their own stories in return has been extraordinarily enriching. 

Here’s the next chapter.  In Generous Night, Redeem I continue my journey of self-discovery and all that comes with it.  I continually remind myself to see and feel everything as I go. It is my belief that we must practice empathy and seek understanding without judgment.  Indeed, life is short. The music here reflects memory, truth, love, loss, transformation and letting go. It’s about walking through – not around. 

This album is a result of a partnership of two artists.  I asked my mother, a published poet, to help create an album that had original music corresponding to an original poem.  I gleaned this idea from chef Dominique Crenn, who presents her patrons with a poem instead of a menu at her restaurant, Atelier Crenn, in San Francisco. 

It was a true collaboration: she wrote words to my music and I wrote new music to her fresh prose.  The music and poem each stand on their own, and together form a new piece of art entirely. Working creatively with my mom on a unique project such as this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

We invite you, dear listener, on this adventure of memory, time, and deep personal discovery.  May your journey be enlightened – always walking the path to better visions. 


Whispered Words

Glance the Stars


Poem by Betti Bernardi – ©2019

Seek inspiration from a lunar melody,
link twirling glad madness with moon’s sturdy scheme.

Decipher, child, meaning from
whispered words; quietude presumes lesson, here.

Console the crying heart at sleepless dawn.
Stand ye, then, against frigid,troubled desperation.

Eternal, such fleeting passage.
On destiny’s corner, connected, we, by curious ways.

Overwhelm misery’s companion,
mingle the meek and the bold, the crass and the wise.

Mystery abides where dawn wipes
darkness away, leaving us to gaze into the face of truth.

Generous night, redeem,
when folded into quiet thought, and nothing seems clear.

Captivating, evening’s benediction,
looking through the windows of time: evidence of transformation.

Unity sails conjoined, grounding
music’s flame, unexpected shades of lyrical bounty.

Love’s furnace prevails, two elevate
to more than one, nourished, veiled in tender warmth.

Carried by the breath of the vagabond,
stride heartily, dance and sing on the breeze of beckoning.

Assist the shifting winds of providence,
Mourn not the passage. Celebrate, rather, recollection.

Sweet memory, deliver, coalesce,
perform opulent favor, find receptive hearts–set us right.

Glance the stars, tonight they pause.
Soar on love’s orbit…walk the path to better visions.


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