Left Hand, Right Hand CD


Ryan’s first album from 2005, a collection of classical, jazz, original arrangements and two originals.

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“Left Hand, Right Hand” liner notes from 2005:

My debut record represents the relationship between the hands and the two sides of the brain. I have always been fascinated with how memory and contemplative faculty play a role in music. Structure and creativity come together just as the two hands must rely on one another. The album has classical roots with compositions by Chopin,Rachmaninoff and Brahms. Tracks by Gershwin and Sondheim also are on the CD, as well as two original pieces, “Beginnings” and the very evocative and popular “Rainfall”.

Rainfall (Marvel)

Scarborough Fair (arr. Marvel)

Simple Gifts (arr. Marvel)

Romance in F minor, Op. 10, no. 6 (Rachmaninoff)

Prelude No. 2 in C# minor (Gershwin)


Track List:  1-4. Four Preludes from Op. 28 – Nos. 6,9,15 and 20 (Chopin) 5. Nocturne in b-flat minor, op. 90 no 1 (Chopin) 6. Andante Cantabile, k. 330 (Mozart) 7. Romance in f-minor, op. 10 no. 6 (Rachmaninoff) 8. Intermezzo in A, op. 118 no. 2 (Brahms) 9. Etude-Tableaux in c-minor, op. 33 no. 3 (Rachmaninoff) 10. Prelude no. 2 in c# minor (Gershwin)  11. Send in the Clowns (Sondheim)  12. Rainfall (Marvel)  13. Summertime  (Gershwin)  14. Simple Gifts  (traditional)  15. Scarborough Fair  (traditional)  16.  Beginnings (Marvel)

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