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Winner – 2017 Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

Winner – 2017 Album of the Year by 


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The new solo piano album – Released October 13, 2017

From the liner notes:

This year has been one of great personal challenge and abrupt change.  It was natural for me to turn to the piano for respite and healing.  Through this process, coupled with the love from my family and friends, I rediscovered my musical voice. I eventually found beauty while in pain, and saw goodness through struggle, even when conflicted.  I began to remember the gift of making connections. I learned to block out the noise and trust myself again.  I began to see the value of letting go.  

So, by looking back, learning, and now, beginning to look ahead, “Reflecting Forward” took shape. This collection represents steps toward cautious healing, both personal and collective, and recognition of fierce love.  

I intentionally left the titles simple. Many of these compositions were conceived out of a place of profound challenge and each one means something deeply personal to me. I imagine, and hope, that these pieces may resonate with you emotionally as well as musically.

It’s critical that we be vulnerable with one another.  If you want to know what story is behind a certain piece, ask me sometime.

This album is about looking back, taking what we find there and moving forward. For me, renewal is very much an ongoing process, and less about journey’s end. I hope this music brings as much healing and peace to you through listening as it did to me in the making.


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