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Possibilities CD


Ryan’s second solo album, all original compositions (2010)

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This is my second solo album, my first of all original compositions. As written in the liner notes from 2010:

“It has been quite a journey to put down a record of all original compositions, especially when they reflect some very personal moments of my life.  But I feel an obligation to both follow and live my passion. That means opening myself up, sharing what is inside.  So, this is my music.  This is me, up to this point.  I hope you enjoy the story.”


Tender, These Thoughts

Lost Love


Lanie’s Theme


Track List: 1. Five Years  2. Possibilities 3. The Gift 4. Dance 5. I Feel You 6. Imagination 7. Tender, These Thoughts 8. Wolf 9. Lost Love 10. Time Passing 11. Story/Birth 12. Lane’s Theme 13. Epilogue 14. For Rose

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